Letter From Santa Claus

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“The fact that I was able to adjust the letter and write unlimited words made me very happy.”
– Isaura


“This letter was JUST WHAT SHE NEEDED! She had sent me to work with a letter that she had wrote to Santa, asking all sorts of questions (ones she had of course asked me as well). The fact that I could write the letter and answer all her questions, was amazin.”
– Lena
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Letter package  includes a FREE GIFT for a limited time only!Your child will receive a special door hanger they can color and hang on the doorknob to show Santa they are ready for his visit! 

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Most Santa letter websites give the same letter to each customer, but personalize it with the child’s name, favorite color, a good deed or two.

Magical-Santa-Letters.com is different. When you order a Santa letter from Magical-Santa-Letters.com, you can edit the entire letter yourself or you can delete it and supply your own and we will print it out on our stationery for you.

This is what we mean by a “completely custom letter from Santa” – you can edit every bit of it.

Now you don’t have to feel restricted when you order a Santa letter. You don’t have to settle for a “one-size fits all”. Besides – what if you wanted to give your spouse or friend a letter from Santa – you wouldn’t want the letter to feel like it was meant for a child, right? So on that note…

What’s Included?

1) A letter from Santa Claus …

Most Santa letter websites can only offer a canned or personalized letter that is the same letter sent to everybody but has been personalized with the child’s name and maybe some other small piece of personalized information. Our website allows you to supply all of your own text.

Want Santa’s letter to talk about success at school or work? No problem – just type your own letter in the letter’s box.

Want Santa’s letter to talk about a hobby or other interest? No problem – just type your own letter in the letter’s box.

… You get the idea … You can type your own letter from Santa.

Or simply leave the starter letter alone.

Either way, Santa’s letter will be printed on his own personal stationery. The letter will arrive in perfect condition, unfolded, mailed in a water-resistant shiny red metallic foil envelope. The letter can be framed or put into a scrapbook. The letter is accompanied by a picture of Santa Claus can also be framed.

Our customized letters from Santa are the best because they are unique for each recipient.

2) A picture or snapshot from Santa …

A 5×7 picture of Santa sure to bring an extra level of excitement. The back side of this high quality picture features a personal message to your child. And as always here at Magical-Santa-Letters.com, the back of this picture will be hand signed by Santa himself.

Again, the back side is addressed to the child or recipient and has a simple message to which you can add your own paragraph of text. It is hand signed by Santa Claus.

… Plus your choice of optional extras

We offer several additional fun and exclusive products that can be added to your child’s letter.

  • Magical Reindeer Food

    Santa's reindeer love this special mix of oats, and grains. Red, green and white decorating sprinkles bring this reindeer favorite alive. Officially, the mix is not intended for human consumption, but all ingredients are completely edible... just in case!  **May contain wheat**

  • North Pole Wishing Coin

    This shiny, keepsake North Pole Wishing Coin, nestled in a luxurious velvet gift bag, will bring your children beautiful Christmas memories for years to come.  Measuring  1½ inches, this coin feature relief, color images on both sides to give it an authentic feel and comes in a protective plastic case.  This is a Magical-Santa-Letters.com exculsive item.  Limited quantities available

  • Custom Letter from Rudolph

    Custom Letter from Rudolph. As with the Letter from Santa and the snapshot, the letter from Rudolph can say whatever you want it to say. 8.5 inches by 11 inches. Limit 1 per letter. Can be added to your order after you create your letter.

  • Elf Behavior Notes

    Help keep your little ones on Santa's "Nice List" with behavior notes from your child's favorite elf in Santa's very own "Behavior Reporting Unit"! Pad of 25 sticky notes allows you to leave a gentle reminder that their behavior is being noticed, whether it is something that needs to be praised, or corrected. These notes are sent directly to you (not the child) from our magical mailroom USPS First Class. Price reflects separate shipping cost.

  • Santa's Special Magical Key

    Santa's Special Magical Key for houses or apartments or hotel rooms without a chimney. Card says "If you have no chimney on Christmas Eve, Awaiting the presents that Santa will leave, Just hang this key by the door for him, And all the gifts will be left within." Key card is 2 inches wide by 4 inches tall. Supplies are limited - once they're gone, they're gone. Limit 1 per letter. Can be added to your order after you create your letter.  

  • Good Behavior Certificate

    This certificate is from Santa's "Department of Good Boys & Good Girls." Printed with your child's full name (as entered in the First Name and Last Name fields when you create the letter). Hand-signed, not a computer printed signature. Foil imprinting on thick, high quality paper, and a foil Official Document Seal adds to the certificate's authenticity. Measures 8.5 inches by 11 inches.

North Pole Postage

The Santa letter package is mailed with a “special” North Pole postage stamp. This is real United States postage only available at Magical-Santa-Letters.com.

Why Magical-Santa-Letters.com?

Flexibility: Customize as much or as little of Santa’s letter as you wish.

Ease: Christmas is a busy time for everyone, but creating magic is fast and easy. In just a few clicks, your child’s customized letter from Santa will be on its way!

Perfect for any age:

0 – 3 years old. This is the perfect time to set things in motion to keep the magic of Santa alive for years to come. Each Christmas season you can take out the Christmas letter and talk about it together. Use it as “proof” during the child’s suspicious years if you want.

4 – 5 years old. Do you remember when your child first tasted something sour or tart? Remember the face they made? What about one time they were really sad. Did their lips quiver and eyes fill with tears? Aren’t their expressions precious? What about this past Christmas. Did your child receive a gift that just lit them up and they danced around uncontrollably? Your child may very well respond similarly when they receive a letter in the mail addressed to them personally, sent from Santa Claus.

6 – 8 years old. It may not be too late to keep the wonder and awe alive this Christmas season. One of the ways you can use a letter from Santa for children in this age range is to incorporate key events that occurred during the year. Maybe recognize the birth of a brother or sister, the first day of school, maybe a special vacation or camping trip. In years to come, each time either of you sees the letter, fond memories of those day will immediately brighten your day.

9 years old and pre-teens. It may not be too late to keep the wonder and awe alive this Christmas season. Or, you can use a letter from Santa to help keep your child focused on your family’s religious beliefs. Something else you could do is to hold on to the letter(s) after it arrives in the mail and distribute them at a special family holiday event or activity. In years to come, each time either of you sees the letter, fond memories of that day will immediately brighten your day.

Teens. A Santa Letter is not only for children… why not send one to your teenage son or daughter or other grown up and put a smile on their face too! Honestly – wouldn’t your teen or other grownup get a kick out of receiving a letter from Santa Claus? Magical-Santa-Letters.com will let you create your own letter. Don’t settle for a letter that is simply personalized or customized with just the recipient’s name or favorite color. Imagine your teen getting a letter from Santa which talks about their boyfriend or girlfriend, high school and other interests. Why should little children receive all the attention?

Grown-ups. Why should little children receive all the attention? Wouldn’t your spouse chuckle or be amused to receive a custom letter from Santa with only details that Santa would know??

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